Lunch & Learn – What’s New on the Institute (02/2024)

Second segment of the Year:
– Autumn Guillotte, Field Director RI AFL-CIO (2 mins)
– Bob Delaney, Executive Director → Intro to the Institute (3-4 mins)
– Fatima Martin, Director of Pathways to Education Professions (7-10 mins)
Brief history of the TA program
Started in 2011, 4 classes a year
Applied for DLT funding in 2018 to expand the TA program to ELLs
TA participant demographics: CCAP young adults; residents of Providence, Pawtucket, Central Falls, Woonsocket; ELLs
Emerging Educators Program
TA Training was the catalyst for the Emerging Educators program, working with students who wanted to be teachers
Launched Emerging Educators Program in May 2023
EE Program Overview
– Kevin McElroy, Health & Safety Program Coordinator (7 – 10 mins)
Topics covered in sessions include:
Rights on the Job & Wage Laws
Overtime Sunday holiday laws
Youth curfew hours for teenage workers
Permitted and prohibited jobs
Health & Safety Hazards
Workers Compensation Insurance
Workplace Sexual Harassment & resources for workers responding
Community organizations, schools, etc.
Partners: Governor’s workforce development board/DLT,
Mentions : Tricounty(Youth summer/quasi private/public), Ground works RI(Adult non-profit), (Woonsocket/Central Falls/Newport Public schools)
Encourage orgs to reach out and sign up
Mention that the program is covered by the workers compensation insurance education grant and that the (Kevin will verify with Bob the nature of language here regarding program being covered by grant for most/all vendors)
– Haley De La Rosa, Workforce Labor Liaison (7 – 10 mins)
Workforce Development: Aligning ILSR programming with workforce needs by connecting with organized labor, DLT GWB, program partners, Workforce Alliance
ESOL & Digital Literacy
Professional Development & Union Training
Highlight some of the trainings (ask Denise)
Steward and Negotiations Training
Reach out to Denise Cesino, Executive Coordinator, to sign up

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