Lunch & Learn – Climate Jobs Rhode Island (03/2024)

March’s virtual Lunch and Learn with Climate Jobs Rhode Island (CJRI), held on March 28, 2024, illuminated the coalition’s multifaceted approach to tackling climate change while prioritizing workers’ rights and community well-being.The discussion delved into CJRI’s mission, emphasizing a Just Transition to a net-zero economy that champions labor, environmental, and community interests. The team emphasized the importance of reimagining the economy to avoid past injustices, ensuring fair treatment and rewarding careers for all.

The coalition came together in 2020 to address the needs of labor and environmental groups as we face the worst effects of climate change. This collaboration led to legislative victories like the Act on Climate and renewable energy standards on new construction. CJRI’s proactive engagement with decision-makers and grassroots communities amplifies worker voices, exemplified by initiatives such as the regional offshore wind campaign and solidarity actions.

Furthermore, the Energy Fellows Program, a cornerstone of CJRI’s efforts, cultivating the next generation of climate leaders by providing opportunities for education, field experience, and personal growth. As the discussion unfolded, it became evident that CJRI’s commitment to a just transition extends beyond policy advocacy to nurturing a skilled workforce equipped to navigate the complexities of a green economy, ensuring a sustainable future for Rhode Island and beyond.

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