LaborVision is a living history of the Rhode Island Labor Movement. 

We are the only television program dedicated exclusively to covering issues of concern to Rhode Island workers and their families. Each week, we interview Rhode Island’s top labor and community leaders, as well as elected state and local officials, to take a deep dive into issues of importance to working Rhode Islanders.  

LaborVision is a proud product of The Institute for Labor Studies & Research (ILSR) – a private, non-profit educational institution that provides education and training to enable working Rhode Islanders and the labor movement to have a stronger voice in the workplace. ILSR helps workers and unions participate more effectively in Rhode Island’s changing job market and to create a more just and equitable society.

The ILSR has been supporting businesses, labor unions, and workers since 1980 by working to build an educated, competitive workforce that helps Rhode Island grow and prosper.

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