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Erica Hammond sits down with Kristina Contreras-Fox (RI Coalition to End Homelessness), Alex West (SouthCoast Fair Housing), and Autumn Guillotte (RI AFL-CIO) in our first segment addressing the housing crisis in Rhode Island. RI experienced a major win last month, during Fair Housing month, when legislation addressing housing discrimination based on source of income was signed into law. The group discusses the protection this law will give to Rhode Islanders seeking housing who use a voucher or another valid source of income other than employment income to pay their rent.

The group highlights additional anti-discrimination protections that are already federal or state law in RI that many individuals are unaware of. They will also address two important pieces of legislation that have been introduced in RI this session regarding immigration status, and sexual orientation and gender identity or expression.

In this segment the group also discusses the major lack of housing affecting Rhode Islanders across the state and the impact this has on homelessness, unemployment, job security, and wages. Kristina Contreras-Fox explains exactly how RI can join its neighboring states in establishing a permeant funding stream for affordable housing throughout the state. Don’t miss this segment to learn more about the impact the housing crisis has on all Rhode Islanders.

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