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Staffing Crisis At Rhode Island Dept Of Human Services (DHS)

Show host Autumn sits down with Matthew Gunnip, President, Service Employees International Union SEIU Local 580 and Rafael Martinez, President, AFSCME Local 2882 to talk about the staffing issues at DHS.

Due to the understaffing and the pandemic, massive backlogs for vital assistance are keeping Rhode Islanders from accessing the critical services that DHS provides. Food assistance, child care, medical care and income supports are but a few of the necessary programs that are being affected by this lack of urgency to fill these support positions.

The state agency has roughly 150 unfilled positions, and in some cases it has taken over 600 days for them to post vacant positions to be filled. Meanwhile workers are feeling unsupported and overwhelmed as they attempt to help Rhode Islanders access state benefits.

What can we do to help?
SIGN THIS PETITION: https://buff.ly/3PVFO0o 

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